Camelina sativa

Akremi Flasche

Camelina sativa, also known as Leindotter, is a thousands of years old oil plant. Already the Celts used this oil plant that is why it's still called „the oil of the Celts“. Even back then the cameline oil was known to have special healing power.
In contrast to other oil plants humans have never been breeding cameline oil plants which is why their nativeness could be conserved until now. Today cameline oil returns to acreages of controlled biological agricultures and mixed cultivation.

From all plants cameline oil has an unique composition of fatty acids and can have positive influence on cardiovascular system, blood picture, blood circulation and the whole well-being in a well-balanced nutrition. These outstanding characteristics are at present in the focus of numerous medical research activities. A high part of Alpha-linolenic acid (up to 40%) and linolenic acid (proportion Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acids is 3:1) makes the cameline oil to a qualitive oil, which can be an important contributor to supply the human body with these fatty acids. The high amount of Omega-3-fatty acids, combined with the anti-toxic virtue of the contained phytosteroles and tocopheroles makes the cameline oil to an interesting and above all tasty cooking oil. Responsible for the high cutaneous tolerance and the good skin penetration is the high amount of Vitamine E (tocopherole). Due to this skin regenerating property the oil was used for household remedy in the past; today it is newly appearing in natural cosmetics.
Further information on the ingredients of Leindotter oil and its effects can be found below:
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